What? Why? Silverlight

What is Silverlight and why is it needed for MCM?

This is a question that is often on peoples mind when they are using MCM, so we thought about having a short non-techincal blog post to shed some light.

Silverlight is Application Frameworks by Microsoft Corp, that is used to create and run rich internet (browser-based) applications, such as MCM. These Frameworks have now been deprecated and are marked for sunset in 2020. Therefore, many internet applications that relied on Silverlight technology have been migrating to more advanced, and plugin free technology such as HTML5, Angular etc.

Silverlight is the underlying technology of the current MCM UI, which is featured in most, if not all the UI/Graphic based functionality, including the application display, login dialog, menu items etc. Silverlight, along with additional development code written in C#, allows our users to perform most of everything they do in MCM UI.

The current MCM UI would not work without Silverlight plugin as it is tightly integrated with the core functionality.  However, our Angular UI, when released, will have no reliance on Silverlight and no Silverlight plugins will be required.