Evolution (SP) – Risk Alerts – Same but Different

During the migration phase, MCM UI is going through some changes as part of evolution from a Silverlight based platform to an Angular Platform. But more it changes to make it more intuitive for our users, the more it retains the essence and soul of the functional elements that made MCM popular with the same end users.

Presenting some ‘look and feel’ changes our Users will be able to see and recognize in the Angular interface.

Risk Alert View- Country names are not colors, instead the alert category is what ‘carries’ the color which allows much better visualization of the selected alert.

Silverlight (Current Interface)


Angular Interface (Sneak Peak)


As depicted in the above pictures, it will be much easier to visually associate the alert with the selected country in the Angular Interface.

(please click on the the image to see an enlarged view of the same)