Progress Update 3 – Risk Intelligence & Automessaging

In all current versions of MCM (Silverlight and WPF), our Risk Alerts and Country Summary tabs of the Map UI completely relied on having Risk intelligence data to be displayed and be usable to users. As a result, only users that had the risk intelligence modules assigned were able to see and interact with Country polygons. Risk intelligence data controlled Country/region data. Having this backward controlled correlation caused some functional limitations for users who did not subscribe to our risk intelligence module

As the MCM platform advanced, we added more and more features to the country list ( like selecting a country and then attaching an auto message to that country). This functionality allowed the platform users to send auto message to all travelers entering that country. Due to the current correlation these cool features were only available to users that also subscribed to the risk intelligence module, even when the auto message content had nothing to do with risk intelligence.

With the decision to reverse this correlation during our Angular UI design, and by having Countries control the risk data, it opens up more features for users that currently do not have risk intelligence module assigned to them (such as the aforementioned country auto messages). It will also give those users the chance to see how many travelers are in each country at any given time.

Also, now that risk intelligence is secondary, We can also see the opportunity for us to further divide those countries up into their respective regions. That way a user can always see how many travelers are in a region, even if there is no risk alert for it.

Our platform Architect and the design team are continually finding innovative ways to enhance MCM. The migration to Angular provides us an opportunity to revisit some functionality, and incorporate improvements (redesign the approach as in the case above) so as to make the UI even more intuitive for all our users going forward.

Progress Update 2 – Polygons

For the past couple of weeks, our development team has focused on migrating our Polygon functionality, and we are extremely proud to share the progress made on that front. During the first week, we were successful inĀ  implementing the following:

  • Loading and displaying of Polygons
  • Polygon info control upon click on a polygon, including calendar
  • Change of Polygon attributes via menu
  • Polygon tool-tip
  • Creating of a new Polygon
  • And searching for a location with the bottom search box

This past week was devoted to enhancing the Polygon functionality and integrating persistent Auto Messaging and Risk Intelligence (Countries, Regions). We have successfully implemented the following this week:

  • Polygons can now be related with auto messages
  • Polygons can now also be saved, edited and deleted
  • As we move forward with integrating Risk Intelligence, we have been able to make some major enhancements to existing functionality, and have improved some functional logic to make the Angular UI even more intuitive and user-friendly.

Stay tuned for our next blog update where we will aim to provide more details around the Risk intelligence enhancements, as well as some more sneak peek of our in-development UI. We feel extreme joy in sharing these progress updates with our readers, especially since our development team is working tirelessly, and is making tremendous headway with the migration project.