Update – Developer Quotes

As we dive deeper into Angular migration, we wanted to share some updates from our Migration team. The respective development teams are making great progress with MCM UI, MCM Admin UI and MCM Asset Admin UI. Below are some notable quotes from the respective lead migrators:

” Despite some early hurdles, we have taken great strides with our Migration of the MCM Map UI. We have developed Angular components that will enable us to control the data and action flow with the Map UI.

Using our internal library of such data and action flow components, we have transformed common functionality such as login, pop ups and data grids to Angular, as well as transfer and management of real-time data and notifications.

It is exciting to see the effort correlate with the reward, as we are tracking way ahead of our internal timelines, and continue to make tremendous progress with the MCM UI migration”

Thomas Pfeffer –  MCM UI

“Revamping the MCM Admin User Interface has begun.  While Silverlight development is taking a back seat, Angular 4 is quickly becoming the core of our client side products.  The latest Admin beta (Angular) has only a few features, however things are progressing quickly.

We look forward to sharing more regular updates with our readers”

Drew Jackson – MCM Admin UI

” About 3 weeks ago we also started the conversion from Silverlight to Angular for our Asset Administration User Interface. Most of these 3 weeks were spent establishing components that are responsible for adding, updating and deleting data.

However, this past week was mostly spent finally creating components that are going to be visual to the users, like the data grids that allow the visualization of different Asset Groups. At this point you can expect more frequent updates to the UI now that most of the data management components are in place.

It is gratifying to be part of a dynamic team which thrives on learning more about Angular each day”

Alexander La Bianca – MCM Asset Admin UI